Daisy   (lisp, javascript)

Parenscript and Macros 2   (lisp)

Resolutions   (lisp)

An elementary macro in Common Lisp   (lisp)

The not so obvious stuff.   (haskell)

Fun with elisp   (emacs)

inobuild   (haskell)

Getting friendly again.   (haskell)

More fun with BSTs   (haskell)

Notes on Binary Search Trees and Sorting   (haskell)

Cocoa and Haskell love-in.   (haskell, cocoa)

Using web-mongrel2   (haskell, mongrel2)

"Taught that programming - or worse 'developing software' - is like a routine engineering activity, many find difficulty seeing writing as a model or even a metaphor for programming. Writing is creative, it is self-expression, it is art, which is to say it isn't a science and unlike science and engineering, it isn't a serious activity. Judgements like this, though, are easiest made by people who don't seriously engage in making both science and art. Art, engineering, and science are - in that order - part of a continuum of finding truth in the world and about ourselves."

Richard P. Gabriel
"Successful Lisp: How to understand and use Common Lisp" p1